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February 1, 2023

The Benefits of Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

Recreational marijuana has many advantages

Recreational marijuana is marijuanathat is sold for people to use at their leisure for relaxation, painmanagement, or anything else. Here are some benefits that came due to thelegalization of recreational marijuana:

Makes marijuana higher quality andsafer - Before recreational marijuana waslegalized people were buying it from anyone willing to risk selling marijuana.Now that recreational marijuana is legalized, the state can regulate who sellsit and make sure that it is grown safely and not laced with anythingelse. 

More marijuana is available formedical purposes - The legalization of recreationalmarijuana has created more widespread availability of medical marijuana aswell. Instead of relying on doctors to provide medical marijuana to patients inneed, they can get medical marijuana at designated shops in the area.


Less drug violence - Having widespread access to recreational marijuana in and aroundAuburn, ME will reduce the amount of drug violence in Maine. 


Allows law enforcement to focus onviolent crimes - Before recreational marijuana waslegalized several members of law enforcement were too caught up in arrestingpeople for the possession of marijuana, but not anymore. Now the police havemore time to address violence and hate crimes.